smokey-eye-1create a smoky eye

before you begin...Dab your eyelids with moisturizer, then foundation, to prime the skin so that the eyeshadow stays in place. Select matte shadows, which tend to stay on longer than shimmery blends.

1 With an eyeshadow brush - a wide brush with short bristles - apply darg gray or black shadow from your upper lashline to just above the crease so the color is visible when your eyes are open. (To make your eyes look wider, extend the shadow from the outer corner of the eye toward the outer edge of your eyebrow, winging it out like a cat eye.) On top of the gray, apply a jewel-toned shadow, such as purple or green, to brighten and add dimension.


2 Using a blending brush - a long, fluffy brush with tapered bristles - apply rose-colored shadow with side-to-side strokes along the top of the dark shadow line to blend and soften the color.
3 Beginning at the center of the top lashline and working inward, apply black liquid eyeliner, staying as close to the lashline as possible, then continue the line from the center to the outer corner. (Be sure to start in the center, because your first stroke tends to create the thickest line.)
4 Using a concealer brush - a firm brush with synthetic tapered bristles - apply a peach-or pink-toned concealer in short, feathery strokes to the area just below your brow-bone and to the inner corner of the eye to further soften and brighten the color. (Avoid yellow-toned concealers, which give skin around the eyes a tired grayish hue.) Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

For a bolder eye, use black pencil eyeliner to line the lower lashes, working from the outer corner inward.