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You can eat out at all of your favourite restaurants and still lose weight, thanks to Eat This, Not That! - your guide to avoiding the British highPizzaExpress street's menu fat traps

when you're aiming to sear away those extra pounds you put on over winter, then an invite out to dinner - or even just for coffee -can pour cold water on your fat burning. That's because sky-high calorie counts lurk in the most unexpected places on restaurant menus; foods you might have considered to be merely a mild indulgence are often belt-busting, artery-clogging nightmares that could put your fitness regime right back to square one.

But socialising over food needn't be counter to weight-loss goals any longer, because new book Eat This, Not That! has done all the nutritional research for you. You are now able to easily pick out the healthiest items on any high-street menu and save as many as 1,750 calories in just one day
(that's enough to avoid putting on half a pound of fat).

So when planning your next night out, it pays to be prepared. With that in mind, we've compiled 12 of the worst offenders, along with healthier alternatives to bring you one step closer to a beach-ready body come summer.



The beauty of Pizza Express is that you can eat a whole pizza for under l,OOO calories, which is more than you can say for most other chains. But beware: what you might think is the healthiest option can be hiding extra calories. Swap this veggie pizza for a meat one and you' ll save yourself more than 200kcal. You can blame the pesto and garlic oil on the Giardiniera for that.




Veg will safeguard your health, trim your waistline and bulk-up your wallet. It's time to upgrade your five-a-day from side-dish to main event

There is a man-food that contains more nutrients and vitamins per gram than any other. It can be seared, grilled and barbecued, then eaten as burgers and kebabs You can braise it, butcher It marinade it and even rear your own from the comfort of your kitchen. It will form the hearty kick of flavour, satiety and goodness on your plate and will even help you shed fat and stay in shape It is not meat.
It is called a vegetable. You know, that bit on the side, next to the fleshy love of your life. Now, we at MH would never ask you to cheat on meat. But a day apart wouldn't hurt. In fact, it would do you good. Recent research at Harvard University found that just one meat -free day a week can reduce your riSk of heart disease by up to 19% and cutting your weekly intake by the equivalent of a 450-calorie steak Will limit weight gain by nearly half a stone over your next 10 years of flesh-eating. And that's not just hunks of beef. That's good 0l', low-fat, eat-it-every-single-day chicken, too.
If the mere thought of a rare steak fresh off the board still has you salivating, consider this: studies show eating two portions of red meat a day increases your risk of bowel cancer by 35%. Vegetables, on the other hand, are higher in nutrients, just as quick to prepare and a darn sight cheaper, too. They can take the place of a Sunday roast, a weekday dinner and even a Friday night feast. So if you want to be healthier, and take a break from 'chicken (no) surprise', vegetables should be your one and only once a week. Here's exactly how to prepare, cook and eat your new meat. Because, vegetables matter.

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We all know that the Japanese staple is great for weightloss, but true raw food sensei can triple benefits by simply swiping the right plate at the right time.

WHY: Tuna is a great source of lean protein, containing more than nearly all other fish. "Because sashimi is raw it's much kinder to your digestive system, too," explains dietitian Dr. Simone Laubscher. Easily absorbed proteins will be hoovered up by hungry muscles.

Order Tuna Sashimi
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Vitamin B6 and zinc aid in protein digestion soup your intake with a sesame diping sauce.

WHY: There's a reason why anglers seem so relaxed. A study in the journal Diabetes & Metabolism found the omega-3 in salmon prevents the stress hormone cortisol from peaking. Add some avocado: its monounsaturated fats help lower your blood pressure, too.

Order Salmon Rolls
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Alongside, drink two cups of pure green tea to bring your blood pressure down even further.

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RickyIn an exclusive interview, Ricky Gervais tells MH how he ditched the excuses, burnt off the belly - and kept his sense of humour.

He thinks it was the eleventh sausage that did it. Staring down at the greasy, empty plate, Ricky Gervais knew he had to seriously reassess his lifestyle.

"Eleven Sausages," he repeats with a smile. " I couldn't stop eating them. I felt really ill, really bad. I had to lay there for a couple of hours, like a snake just to digest them."

The comedian's pork nadir occurred just over two years ago, during Christmas 2009 at his home in Hampstead, north London. As he chewed and swallowed that final sausage, he says, something simply clicked inside him.

"I just thought, this is getting fucking ridiculous," he says. "I had hit 14 stone."

The sausage meltdown was a high-water (and weight) mark for the controversial writer, actor and Golden Globes host. From January 2010, he committed himself to a healthier lifestyle, and a routine that has subsequently seen him slim down to a svelte 12 stone. For 50-year-old Gervais-who talks of "turning my life around at the last minute" - it is something he takes extremely seriously. It's belated wake-up call, but one that fits a clear pattern in his ever unorthodox life.
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Belly-FatIn the war against obesity, the most difficult battle is often waged against dangerous belly fat. To help you whittle your middle, we asked registered dietitian and certified personal trainer Lauren Schmitt for her top five tips for fighting belly fat.

Heavy holiday eating got you feeling down? Don’t hide behind your heavy coats this season just because you’ve put on a few pounds. But work to shed them, especially visceral fat, which can be dangerous when stored on the human body in excess.

Also known as abdominal fat, visceral fat accumulates around organs, particularly the liver. Higher-than-normal levels of visceral fat are linked to obesity-related diseases such as insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes as well as inflammatory diseases. Visceral fat cells become atrophied over time and begin to produce cytokines, a hormone that causes inflammation. This may lead to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, tumor growth, and atherosclerosis.
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Gluten Free Goes Gourmet

At Zengo restaurants, individuals with certain dietary restrictions don’t have to forego restaurant-quality meals. Like a number of chefs who have begun catering to customers with special needs, Richard Sandoval, chef/owner of the Zengo brand, with restaurants in New York; Denver; Washington, DC;and Santa Monica, California, has created special vegetarian and gluten-free menus for individuals with dietary restrictions. Try these gluten-free dishes created by Graham Bartlett of Sandoval’s Zengo DC.
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