100 Greatest Things In Health Part 1 of 3 Food & Drinkrocket

This month we're bringing you the newest, most inspiring ways to a better body. Get ready for 100 essential ideas to upgrade your wellbeing, split over three sections. Part 1 is all about nutrition. We have lift-off...

The best...way to start your day
NASA-tested and now part of the diet plan for its astronauts, AS10 crams hefty amounts of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals into a single 75ml shot. The University of Pittsburgh found a daily shot of the 'super fruit' drink reduces heart disease risk, prevents certain cancers and sharpens your brain. One small sip for man, one giant leap for your body and mind.
£38.40 for 12 x 75ml bottles

Body Boosters01-24
The best...new superfoods
New ingredients with proclaimed health benefits are constantly hitting the headlines. Here's the nutritional make-up of the next eight chart-toppers (per 15g serving), so you can balance your diet with total preision.

2 Chia Seeds
3 Protein (g), 5 Carbs (g), 6 Fibre (g), 10 Calcium (% RDA), 15 Vit C (% RDA), 12 Vit A (% RDA).

3 Baobab
1 Protein (g), 6 Carbs (g), 6 Fibre (g), 3 Calcium (% RDA), 51 Vit C (% RDA), 6 Vit A (% RDA).

4 Lingonberry
1 Protein (g), 2 Carbs (g), 1 Fibre (g), 1 Calcium (RDA), 4 Vit C (RDA), 1 Vit A (RDA).

5 Hemp Seeds
7 Protein (g), 2 Carbs (g), 1 Fibre (g), 7 Calcium (% RDA), 24 Vit C (% RDA), 9 Vit A (% RDA).

6 Spirulina
8 Protein (g), 4 Carbs (g), 1 Fibre (g), 1 Calcium (% RDA), 1 Vit C (% RDA), 1 Vit A (% RDA).

7 Farro
1 Protein (g), 4 Carbs (g), 1 Fibre (g), 1 Calcium (% RDA), 15 Vit C (% RDA), 10 Vit A (% RDA).

8 Maca
2 Protein (g), 11 Carbs (g), 1 Fibre (g), 4 Calcium (% RDA), 50 Vit C (% RDA), 2 Vit A (% RDA).

9 Bee pollen
4 Protein (g), 6 Carbs (g), 1 Fibre (g), 20 Calcium (% RDA), 8 Vit C (% RDA), 2 Vit A (% RDA).

10 EDIBLE ASPIRINEdible Espirin
The best...natural painkiller

A spice-laden vindaloo can do more for you than a trip to to the chemist. Studies at the Rowett Research Institute found that the high concentration of salicylate, a natural pain killer, in the hot curry dish makes it more effective than aspirin. Prepare it at home without the headache with this virtually fat-free recipe from Abdul Yaseen, head chef at the Cinnamon Kitchen (Cinnamon-kitchen.com).

Ox Cheek Vindaloo Serves 4
. 1kg ox cheek
. 6 cardamom pods
. 1tsp black peppercorn
. 4 dried chillies
. 6 cloves
. 10cm cinnamon stick
. 1tsp cumin
. 1/2 tsp each of coriander seeds, turmeric and fenugreek
. 4tbsp oil
. 1tbsp dark vinegar
. 4tbsp clear vinegar
. 2 onions, finely sliced
. 10 garlic cloves, finely sliced
. 5cm ginger, sliced
. 3 tomatoes, chopped
. 4 green chillies
. 1tsp brown sugar

1) Trim the fat from the ox cheek and cut into 2.5cm cubes. Grind the cardamom seeds with peppercorns, dried chillies, cloves, cinnamon stick, cumin, turmeric, coriander and fenugreek. Mix the ground spices with vinegars, add the cheeks and marinade for 3 hr.

2) Heat the oil and fry the onions over a low heat until golden. Add garlic, ginger, tomato and chilli and stir well. Increase the heat, add the cheeks and stir-fry until browned. Add 250ml of water and any remaining marinade. Reduce the heat and slowly bring it back to boil.

3) Add the sugar to the ox cheek, cover and simmer for 1 hr until the meat is tender. Season with salt, then serve.

Sauces of power11-13 SAUCES OF POWER
The best...condiments for your cupboards

Fat-burning chutney
Ramans' courgette relish is loaded with fenugreek, which reduces fat absorption: turmeric, the metabolism booster; and cumin, which tackles abdominal fat. Plus it's delicious with meats and salad.
£3.25, ramans.co.uk

Cancer-proofing ketchup
The tomato Stall's 'tommy k' is 94% tomato, supplying more of the antioxidant lycopene to protect you against colon cancer. That's more tomato than the 'market leader'-say, 57 times more.
£1.32, thetomatostall.co.uk

Low-cal mustard
Good old English mustard has 20% fewer calories than its foreign counterparts. And research carried out by Oxford Brookes University found that it raises the metabolism, so it burns more than your tongue.
94p, tesco.com

14 GYM & TONICgym and tonic
The best...alcoholic drink after a workout

You don't want to undo the hard work of a good training session, but you want to unwind after work with a drink. So raise a glass to your new usual:gin and slimline tonic with Angostura bitters. "Gin has the least sugar of the spirits and, when combined with Angostura, it saids digestion, so helps to process your dinner," says Alessandro Palumbo, author of Lord Barrington's Bluff: A compnion for Discerning Drinkers. Tonic's Quinine is also an anti-inflammatory, so reduces muscle soreness the morning after. Cheers to that.

The best...Sunday lunch for flavour and fitness

Prepare the perfect weekend meal with the help of Bruno Loubet, chef patron of Bistrot Bruno Loubet (bistrotbrunoloubet.com)

Turkey crown is the leanest join in the supermarket, giving you a valuable protein hit without the fat penalty. The trick to keeping the meat moist is to cook at a relatively low heat (140.C), over a longer period of time.
Brush every 20min with rapeseed oil and cook for 3hr for a 8-12lb bird.

To achieve the perfect 'Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside' without resorting to goose fat, boil the potatoes thoroughly and drain well. Then put in a roasting tin, brush with olive oil and add to a very hot oven (220.C) for 30 min. As soon as they have a golden colour, remove from the oven and ssprinkle with good quality salt.

There's no healthier way to prepare them than steaming, so cut into batons and steam until cooked, with a little bite (about 8min). To serve, toss in chopped tarragon and a dash of olive oil. Steam them with French green beans for the ultimate texture combination.

This is what sets this roast apart. Take two medium onions, do not peel, but cut off the top. Carefully push in a sage leaf and sprinkle with salt. Wrap in a double Tulsi tealayer of foil and place in a roating tin. Bake at 180.C for 45min then remove the foil and serve open side up with a good crack of pepper.

The best...tea to beat stress

Tulsi is the latest tea to set researchers' tongues wagging. The Medical College of Georgia found the 'sacred herb' of India reduces your stress Snack fatlevels and also fights the free radicals that damage cells and cause everything from wrinkles to cancer.

The best...food choice at the bar

You're waiting to be served. You're peckish. Your eyes are drawn to the pork scratchings. They oink at you. Avert your gaze. The healthiest item on the back bar is the humble picked egg, with 6g of protein for only 75kcal. That's about a quarter of the calories in a bag of scratchings.

The best...guilt-free dessert

Sometimes it's about the right choice, not the light choice. Rhubarb crumble contains pottasium and magnesium, which aid digestion and speed up your metabolism to burn off excess calories. And that makes a small glug of custard a calorie-neutral treat, as far as we're concerned.

The best...ready meal

It's late, you know there's nothing but some old hummus in the fridge and you just want something to bloody eat, fast. We hear you. The microwave dinner for one happens to all of us at some point or another. But pick the right one and you won't nuke your nutritional plans. The nostalgia-flavoured Birds Eye Traditional Chicken Dinner (a cooked breast with all the trimmings) packs in more protein - an impressive 35g - for fewer calories than any other choice in the chiller. It's the bet option for post - workout convenience when you're in need of corner-shop salvation.

Nutritional informationPizza
. 380kcal
. 35g protein
. 35g carbs
. 11g fat
. 4g sugars
. 1.8g salt

The best...slice of heaven

You know that tomato fights cancer. Plus cheese is a rich source of tryptophan, which will help you sleep. But if you're ordering pizza. You've probably already decided that for the next six to 12 slices, eating it is all that matters. Here are the least unhealthy options, for guilt-free gorging.

The best...slice to avoid at all costs

The Domino's Scrummy on the Dominator base. Each pizza is rumoured to contain 19,080kcal. That's around 1,500kcal a slice, which is the same as three Big Macs or, if you're on a diet, 37 Ryvitas.

Greasy21-23 GREASY DOES IT
The best...oil for the job

It's not all about extra-virgin: all oils have different smoking temperatures and release negative chemicals at different hating points. Here's what to use when.

Groundnut oil
Smokepoint: 160C

Helps reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and improves HDL (good cholesterol) levels in the blood. It has a naturally long shelf life. It's the healthiest option for tempuras or battered fish.

Canola oil

Canola oil has no cholesterol and only trace amounts of sodium. It doesn't release negative chemicals until 200C so is perfect for quick breakfasts or stir-frying.

Virgin olive oil
Best consumed at room temperature

Contains antioxidants, polyphenols and fatty acids to boost your immune system and protect you from many types of cancer. The good compounds in the oil degrade quickly if heated.

The best...fruit juice

"Pomegranate juice is incredibly rich in polyphenols while being much lower in sugar than most other popular options," says nutritionist Ian Marber.
£2.29, ocado.com

100 Greatest Things In Health Part 2 of 3 FITNESS

Part 2 of our countdown to total health shows you the fitness shortcuts that will get you in the shape of your life.Bare Maximum

The best...trainers for athletic performance

These trainers are not for playing sport in. They're not even for running in. The AdiPure is specifically designed to harness the benefits of barefoot gym-based training. Its greater flexibility and minimal support forces the muscles around the foot and lower leg to strengthen while you squat, bound, lunge and jump in the weights room. This improves your core, agility and the power you can generate from the starting point of every personal best: your two feet.

The best...full-body circuit you can do in your own home

1) SOLID GLUTESsolidglutes
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the kettlebell between your legs with both hands. Tense your glutes and thrust your hips forward to swing the kettle up to shoulder height. Control the motion with your abs for a six-pack-hit. Perform 2 sets of 30.

vshapedbody2) V-SHAPED BODY
Pull-up bar
Tweak the classic pull-up to work nearly every muscle by dropping to perform a press-up after each pull-up and raising your legs in front of you as your chest reaches the bar. Do 2 sets of 5, increasing reps each week.

3) METABOLICMetabolichit
Resistance band
Stand on the band, holding each end. Squat, explode upwards, then press your arms up. Hold, then squat again. Increase the resistance by using a closer: grip. Do 1 set of 12, 1 of 10 and 1 of 8.

Explosivepower4) EXPLOSIVE POWER
Medicine ball
Hold the ball at chest height. Raise your arms over your head and tense your abs to bring the ball down, slamming it to the floor. Catch and repeat. Perform 3 sets of 8. Best done on the ground floor.

5) CHISSELLED ABSchiselled abs
With arms folded, hold a large sandbag to your chest in the crook of your elbows. Lunge around the lounge at a steady pace for 3 sets of 10sec, tensing your abs to work your core. Incorporate the stairs for a tougher challenge.

Rest for 2min, then repeat the circuit.sandbag

Sandbag Training Kit
From £58, ultimate sandbagtraining.com
When performed correctly, sandbag workouts greatly improve strength and fitness. "They're excellent for improving grip strength and for loaded carries, such as the farmer's walk, which have been foud to increase your resting metabolic rate," says PT Joe Lightfoot.

medicineballPro Power 6kg Medicine Ball
£40, argos.co.uk
A strong core makes for a strong back, fewer injuries and less risk of mobility problems later in life. "Having control over your core reduces the load on youu spine when you lift, twist, bend and stretch," says Lightfoot, Meaning you can go about your day-to-day life with painless impunity.

York 10kg Kettlebellkettlebell
£25, amzon.co.uk
With a greater impact on your cardiovascular health and VO2 max than any other mmove, kettlebell swings are just about as good as working out gets. "The motion of this move also builds muscle which supports your lower back, helping you to prevent back pain," says Lightfoot.

reeboktubeReebok Resistance Tube, Level 3
£10, amazon.co.uk
For those among us who can't fit a smith machine in the hall, resistance bands are just as effective at increasing strength as regular weights. You won't risk any damage from locking out too harshly, either. Nor will you injure yourself by attempting more resistance than you can handle.

TKO Doorway Pull-up Bartkopullupbar
£23, fitness-superstore.co.uk
More versatile than Phil Neville in a Sunday league team. Use it to build your shoulders, arms, chest, abs, back and legs. "By working against gravity, you activate your stabilising muscles, to aid balance and help prevent injuries," says Lightfoot. Feels like Rocky, too.

The best...pay-as-you-go gym card

Gym memberships don't come cheap. Monthly fees for many can cost anywhere up to £150 and, if you rarely end up going, you only end up tightening your belt for the wrong reason. Research conducted by Target Group Index found that only 27% of us regularly use the gyms we spend so much money on.

But a new scheme by Payasugym means you only pay for your training when you actually go by applying the same logic as a top-up mobile phone or TfL's Oyster card. No mythical mental figure of how often you need to go to make your monthly fee worthwhile, just a workout when-and where-you want one. GCyms across the UK are signing up for the programme, so you're not limited to the big cities. payasugym.com

32 FEEDBACK LOOPfeedbackloop
The best...PT on your wrist

Paying a PT to shadow you 24-hours-a-day wouldn't only be costly, it would be a bit weird. Preferably to being followed by a man in Lycra, the Nike +FuelBand converts every physical exertion you make into a measurement of 'fuel', allowing you to monitor your day's exercise in real time. Whether taking the stairs at work, doing your midday workout or running for the bus, it's all logged and wirelessly synced with your iPhone or computer. And it doesn't shout at you either. £149,nike.com

The best... supplements you're not taking yet

cystein 33 L-CYSTEINE
As well as boosting your athletic performance, L-cysteine has been found to help kidney function, reduce damage from tobacco smoke and fight cancer.
£8, hollandandbarrett.com
Improves insulin production, which helps keep your blood sugar in check. Regularly taking this supplement can help you to shift fat, too.
£7, hollandandbarrett.com
aspartic 35 D-ASPARTIC ACID
A truly manly supplement. After taking 3g of this amino acid daily for 12 days, test subjects' testosterone levels were increased by 42%. Grrr.
£13, oneon.co.uk
bcaa 36 BCAAs
A gym bag staple for anyone wanting increased muscle mass. Branched-chain amino acids have been found to increase life expectancy and slow age-related muscle wastage.
£13, myprotein.com
niacin 37 NIACIN
Improves brain function and muscle mass by promoting growth of new blood vessels and reduces risk of Alzheimer's and depression. Consult a GP before taking this supplement. £25,amazon.co.uk

The best...4.2-second pick-me-up

Jaguar's new XKR-S goes from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, delivering adrenaline on tap. Which is good news because adrenaline fight stress, says the National Institute of Mental Health. It floods your brain with oxygen-rich blood and triggers the release of endorphins.

With its fast-retracting roof, you can make the most of the spring sunshine-your best natural source of Vitamin D. Research at UT Southwestern Medical Center shows a link between low levels of the vitamin and depression.

The Jag's roll stiffness is increased by 23% for optimum response to your steering inputs. A University of Rochester study found that quick adjustments made using hard-eye coordination improve the efficiency of the brain's synapses, for greater speed of thought.
RRP £97,000 (see jaguar.com)

The best...five things to always have in the boot 39 RAW JELLY "It delivers a dose of glucose for quick energy," says bushcraft instructor Ben McNutt (woodsmoke.uk.com).

Ever spun the wheels only for your car to sink further into the mire it's in? You need carpet. "Budget sand ladders:these improvised traction mats will free you from mud, sand, ice or snow," says McNutt.

Red wine on your shirt or, worse, ger dress, can really ruin a night out. The Survival Manual author Kenn Griffiths (kenngriffiths.com) suggests these water-activated blocks to eradicate stains on the fly.
£12, qvcuk.com

It's quite simple: if you can't call, email or text for help, none will come. "A charger that's compatible with all devices will ensure that civilisation is always at your fingertips," says McNutt.
£10, maplin.co.uk

"Sterilised latex can cover wounds, and they double as a water carrier," says Griffiths. And they're quite useful in other sudden emergencies, too.

The best...golf shot to bring down your handicap

Hybrid or 'rescue' clubs have revolutionised the shots you can play from the rough, giving experienced players more length and novices more control. But hitting the right shot consistently with then requires a modified technique. Here's how.
Hit the mark1) Move the ball back in your stance to just behind centre and grip slighty further down the handle. Apply pressure with the left hand:this will stop the grass from snagging the head and close the club face through impact.

2) Put a little more weight than normal on your front leg, and hinge the wrists early in the backswing to build speed in the club and steepen the angle of attck. This will help you to avoid contact with the grass behind the ball.

3) Focus on the idea that the handle is reaching the ball ahead of the club face. You should be on course to turn that three-shot approach into a two. We're not miracle workers-once you're on the green, it's down to you again.

45-47 RESCUE SERVICErescueservice
The best...hybrid clubs

TaylorMade RocketBallz £139, taylormadegolf.eu
Designed for high flight with low spin, this will let you hit long from a variety of lies and get to the pin in fewer strokes.

Callaway RAZR X HL Hybrid £145, callawaygolf.com
The club face has an enlarged sweet spot, giving middling golfers licence to go for the big one more often.

PINGi20 £160, ping.com
It has high weighting and lofted launch, helping stop the ball quicker on the green for pinpoint shots from the light rough.

boots48-57 TAKE A STEP UP
The best...boots for any terrain

Umbro Geometra Pro SG £84, umbro.com
This shoe comes with a memory-foam in step, extra grip on the toe, and the studs are configured to help players pivot.

Adidas AdiZero RS7 ProXTRX £144, adidas.com
Although this is Adidas' lightest boot yet, it's still very hardy. Interior support bands provide stability for sudden movements.

Salomon Cosmic 4DGTX £165, ellis-brigham.com
Walking.org recommends these as the top boot for hikers. They're rugged, waterproof and one of the lightest on the market.

Mark McNairy Chukka £245, mrporter.com
The desert boot is the smart-casual staple for 2012. The contrast sole will stop you from blending into a lift's crowd of feet.

The best...way to good posture

"Try to draw your testicles in and up," says Mannie Babington Smith, director of Etcom physiotherapy. "This tenses your lower abs while relacing the top oness." Do this six times a day at yourk desk.

53 WELL SOUNDheadphones
The best...headphones for your hearing

According to the National Office of Health Statistics, 12% of men develop tinnitus as they age, and listening to music through headphones at high volume is a proven contributor. Logitech's UE TripleFi earbud skeep high-,mid-and-low-frequencies separate, meaning you're able to listen at low volumes with pitch-perfect clarity.
£250, logitech.com

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that a safe constant listening level is around 60 dB-about the average noise level of a cafe's hubbub. That's the equivalent of about 60% of your ipod's total volume.

slimsuit54 SLIMMING SUIT
The best...new cut for a trim silhouette

Double-breasted suits made a comeback in 2011 but for a youthful svelte update on a style associated with older gents, try the one-and-a-half-breasted jacket from Italian designer Brunelio Cucinelli. "The traditional double-breasted suit has a 13cm overlap whereas this one has just 10.5cm," Cucinelli says. "The jacket clings to the torso and is flattering to all body types." As this year's trend is for short, fitted jackets, you can wear it as a blazer with other trousers. brunellocucinelli.com

Because the rows of buttons are aligned at a slight angle rather than straight down, the cut helps to accentuate your shoulders and chest while narrowing the waist.

The best...and most enjoyable way to hurt yourself

That, to the left, is Mylene Jampanoi. She's half Frenc, half Chinese, 31 years old and the new stocking-filler for knicker-peddlers Agent Provocateur, following in the not-unattractive high heels of Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue. She is also bad for you. A study of 180 men by University of Valencia Scientists proved that being in the presence of a beautiful stranger such as Mylene causes a spike in the stress hormone cortisol, which slightly increases your chance of heart attack or stroke until levels return to normal. We'll take our chances. We're sure you will, too.

The best...time of the year

According to The Information Standard, spring is when fewest Britons search the web for health information. Only 11% seek an online diagnosis from March to May, compared with 64% during the winter months. Make the most of the good times.

The best...bad habit to use for weight loss
1 March Jiggling your leg or finger tapping all day may annoy others, but a Mayo Clinic study found it can burn up to 350kcal per day.

The best...way to sink heart disease
17 March A University of Wisconsin study found Guinness to be better at preventing heart-troubling blood clots than normally prescribed aspirin.

The best...way to problem solve
26 March As the month begins to drag, change the colour of your desktop wallpaper. Studies show warm hues such as red, orange and yellow are energising. Dr Willard R Daggett found that orange gives a creative boost too.

The best...day to claim a medal
2 March This weekend sees the start of 5K season. There are 18 happening across the country. Go to runners world.co.uk for more.

The best...reminder you'll get this month
18 March Don't pretend you already knew. Stuck for a present? Consider buying some gerberas for dear old mum (p181).

The best...workout boost
25 March The switch to British Summer Time marks the ideal point to kick-start your training.

The best...vice for a long life
5 March A study in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research says those who son't drink risk dying younger than moderate drinkers. Oh, go on then.

The best...participation sport
22 March In a study by the Cooper Clinic, those who ran or swam had better levels of blood pressure, energy output and cholesterol.

The best...film for inspiration
28 March The cast is made up of serving Navy SEALs. What they lack in acting ability, they make up for in real-life gusto and combat-ready attitude.

The best...sofa workout
11 March The Six Nations battles of Les Bleus and Les Bleurgh is today. A fitness.gov survey says a tight game can crank up your heart rate by 15bpm. Allez!

The best...thing to eat nowTop dog
24 March In Britain, asparagus starts to appear in late March. Its high alkalinity reduces acidity in the blood. Best with poached eggs.

The best...way to cheer yourself up
31 March Applied REsearch in Quality of Life says the largest surge in holiday cheer comes in anticipation of the event. Book now and smile until summer.

100 Greatest Things In Health Part 3 of 3 R&R

Our final section of our life-boosting knowledge brings you the best strategies for rest and recuperation

Best...pet for burning fat and cutting stress

Owning a pet of any kind can reduce stress, depression and cholesterol levels according to multiple studies. In research carried out by the State University of New York at Buffalo, Wall Street stockbrokers who adopted a dog quickly reduced their blood pressure (cutting their risk of heart disease in the process) and lost weight through an immediate spike in daily exercise. "Breeds including the Geran Shepherd, Labrador, Springer Spaniel and Weimaraner all require over two  hours of exercise a day," says Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary. The Weimeraner gets the MH wag of approval as man's best personal trainer friend, as its short hair requires the least grooming.

5h 38m
The average time dog-owners  spend exercising per week

1h 20m
The average time non-dog-owners spend exercising per week

The best...downloads to promote wellbeing

zombie69 Zombie, Run!
Free, Android
Your phone's GPS and an inventive audio track turns your runs into a zombie-evading survival game.
Why? The Archives of Neurology found that regular running cuts your risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Meal70 Meal Snap
69p, iTunes
Get a calorie count for your meal by taking a pic of it on your cameraphone.
Why? Research shows the majority of people underestimate the calories they're eating, sometimes by as much as a half.

SkinScan71 Skin Scan
£2.99, iTunes
Found a new mole on your skin? Photograph it and this app will tell you whether you're being paranoid.
Why? Cancer Research UK says rates of melanoma in men have doubled in the last 30 years.

PocketYoga72 Pocket Yoga HD
£2.49, iTunes
With 27 yoga sessions to hand, this is like carrying the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi everywhere you go.
Why? Yale University research found that doing yoga lowers your blood pressure, cutting the risk of stroke and heart disease.

MHTrainingPro73 MH Training Pro
Free, iTunes
Get exercise video guides, log every workout and track your progress. It's the free PT in your pocket.
Why? Our first ever app allows you to create, store and tweak your workouts. Or try the goal-specific sessions created by MH editors.

74-77 RULE BRITANNIARule Britannia
The best...places to stay, unwind, eat and exist

The best...place to stay
Studies show that just one night away from home relaxing will leave you happier at work for the next three weeks. This award-winning hotel in Edinburgh has it all:manicured grounds for your morning constitutional, a fitness suite, a top-end spa and a great restaurant.
From £120.handpickedhotels.co.uk.co.uk

The best...place to unwind
The hotel has come a long way since its time as one of Liam Gallagher's favoured hellraising haunts. These days it offers the UK's best escape from urban living. The Complete Man treatment package offers a deep-tissue back massage, facial, hand scrub and nail tidy, all for £130.

The best...place to live
Recently named the healthiest place to live in the UK in the Halifax quality of life survey. Around 95% of residents in the leafy district in north Hampshire claim to be in good health. The local men live, on average, two years longer and get paid around 40% more than the national average.
Location, location, location.(And cash.)

The best...place to dine out
The nutritional wisdom of eating local produce is common sense. And much of what you'll find on the menu at this Michelin-starred pub in the Kentish coastal village Seasalter can be seen grazing out the window. Bread, fish, ham, butter-even salt-is made, on site.

Clean Break78 CLEAN BREAK
The best...holiday atmosphere

In 2011, the World Health Organization declared Estonia the nation with the cleanest air on the planet. So breathe easy next time it comes to making that holiday decision by heading to the Baltic coast. At just £44 return (ryanair.com) it's a financial breeze.

79 SAFE SEATSafe Seat
The best...office chair for your back

Humans were not designed to sit down all day. Wheel in the FreedMan desk chair, which is angled forward at a precise 27 degrees to encourage a natural curve in your spine. "Tilting the body slightly forward also ensures you hold your posture steady," says Phil Bates, senior technical policy advisor at the institution of Occupational Safety and Health. Those nodes will even gently massage your back while you work, turning your office into a make shift health spa.
£1,500, freedmanchair.com

Power Plant80 POWER PLANT
The best...flower for your lungs

NASA's research into which plants would help purify air in space stations revealed that the gerbera daisy removes the toxic chemicals formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethelyne fromm the surrounding area more effectively than any other flora.
£1.55 per stem, olive-branch.co.uk

The best...tunes for every mood

Best for...training
Blackwater Octave One

"Fast musical tempos of 120-140bpm can increase heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing rate," says Dr Vicky Williamson*. This track hits 134bpm for 7 min.

Best for...energy
My Generation The Who
"Fast vocals, heavy instrumentation and key changes energis the system and boost endurance," says Williamson.

Best for...cooling off
One Love Bob Marley
This song plods along at 75bpm and is perhaps the warmest, modt positive entry in a very warm and very positive Marley Songbook, ideal for gently easing down your heart rate.

Best for...memory
Wrote for Luck Happy Mondays
The first time that Shaun Ryder has been associated with a beneficial health message. "A tune from your past induces a relaxed state and a positive outlook," says Williamson.

Best for...pleasure
All the Way New Order
This brilliant song is enhanced by its lack of familiarity. "If we hear a song too often we get psychologically sick of it. It's called the 'mere exposure effect'."

Best for...pain relief
212 Azealia Banks
This track is veritable Dresden of C-bombs, making it better than aspirin. Keele University found swearing ups tolerance and of pain, Sing along, Quietly.

Best for...everything
Your favourite song
"Studies show our exercise rate, pain thresholds and state of relaxation all benefit from hearing music we like," says Williamson. One man's Meat Katie is another man's Poison...

88 LIFT OFFBest Sexual Position
The best...sexual position for muscle building
1 "The most demanding sexual positions have the male standing," says sex coach Dr Patti Britton (drpattibritton.com). Lift her to waist height with her legs wrapped around you. Lean against a wall initially for balance.

2 Now step away from the wall, holding your back straight as you take her weight. "Move and bend in different directions to intensify the workout," Britton says. Your goal is as many reps as possible.

3 Finally, bend your knees slightly while she raises her knees to her chest. From there, ask her to rest on your shoulders. "This is very tough but it allows you to add velocity," says Britton. Velocity is good.

The best...RDAs of techno-junk

1hr a day
Source: Paula Pile, a therapist for Facebook addicts. "No one needs more than an hour a day."

1hr 20min
Source: Outsmarter, which limits use of certain websites to 5min per hour. "Stay in touch without losing your mind."

Source: BBC Newsbeat. 1 hr per week leads to 60% fewer relationship or work or problems than 10hr per week.

50 emails
Source: Harris Interactive
A poll of 2,000 adults found that only 6% could keep up with any more.

50 texts
Source: Dr Jane Sadler, Texas. Any more risks tendonitis and back pain from poor posture.

Source: Professor Robert Kubers, Rutger Universiy. "People watch much more than they plan to, even though it becomes less enjoyable."

The best...new medicine

'Monoclonal antidodies' can selectively target hostile cancer, asthma and arthritis cells. "They're produced by cloning a 'parent' antobody. Usually taken from mice, and engineered to work in humans," says the Medical Research Council's Hanah Isom. A third of all new drug treatments use them and they will be what cures our near future.

96-100 HEARTY CHUCKLEHeartychuckle
The best...films for you, ever

Research from the University of Maryland School of Medicine says that funny films are good for you. After viewing, volunteers were found to have expanded blood vessel lining, thus improving vascular function. Here is a whole working week's worth of cardiac health.

"When i first saw it, I actually thought I'd die laughing," says Bunny and the Bull actor Simon Farnaby. "It's a lesson in how acting styles don't have to change from drama to comedy."

"When Ben Stiller's Swollen balls filled the screen we all knew we were seeing something special," says comedian James Mullinger".

"Rewatching Laurel and Hardy recently, I couldn't believe how funny they were," says Farnaby. "Ricky Gervais is a fan - David Brent's tie - wiggling and sly glances are all ollie."

"Not just the funniest film ever, but also one of the cleverest," says MH editoor Toby Wiseman. "Before I saw Spinal Tap, my life was cosmically a shambies."

"Farts are funny - fact," says Mullinger. "The script, co-written by Richard Pryor, was remarkably ahead of its time in laughing at racism. It could not be made today."