A typical workout includes 24 min of wasted time between sets. Fill the gaps and reap the rewards








30SEC Greater grip strength30sec

If half a minute is all you have, use your rest time to get vice-like power. "Don't throw out yesterday's newspaper," says PT Mark Anthony. "Hold the tip of a sheet, with one arm outstretched and your palm down. Crush the page into a ball."

Why "This builds concentric strength in your forearm flexors and wrist muscles," says Anthony. So you can dish out a killer serve - or handshake - whenever needed.


1min1MIN Improved coordination

Take a leaf out of JJ Abrams' book: it's time to produce a super 8. "Stand with your legs hip-width apart, bend forward and pass a med ball between your legs in a figure-of-eight, as fast as you can," says fitness consultant James Ellis.

Why Done regularly, this will improve your motor skills and reaction time by up to 300%, according to a study by Roehampton University. It keeps your heart rate up too.


90SEC Stronger shoulders90sec

Step away from the main gun show - it's time to check out the bonus material. "Hold a med ball over your head, standing eight inches away from a wall," says coach Brendan Chaplin. "Bounce and catch the ball 20 times with each arm."

Why "This challenges your rotator cuff and shoulder stabilisers for noticeable gains," says Chaplin. It will power everything from your swimming stroke to your golf swing.


2min2MIN Better balance

Get up and wipe your sweat off that machine. "Now close your eyes and lift one leg off the floor, balancing a tennis ball on the corresponding palm with your arm outstretched," says Ellis. "Change hands each time you drop it."

Why "The removal of a fixed visual point improves your natural balance," says Ellis. This will help with almost every sport (and every rush hour commute).


Congratulations. Your workout just doubled in efficiency