Pullups and chinups are great for more than just your back. They also help build your biceps, shoulders, and even your abs, according to Mayo Clinic researchers. See below to learn how reversing your grip enables you to emphasize different  muscles



Some exercises are best left unchanged. Researchers in Spain discovered that performing total-body movements on an unstable surface doesn't work your abs harder. In fact, when men did deadlifts on a Bosu ball. their core muscles were less activated than when they stood on the floor. The reason: Total-body exercises rely on your abs, hips, and back muscles, but when you're unstable you use less weight. which means your muscles don't work 85 much. Carve your core using this month's workout poster.


Go ahead, take a seat. Researchers at Appalachian State University have  found that box squats activate as much lower-body muscle as traditional squats do. But  the real benefit? The box squat, which involves sitting back onto a box or bench that’s about knee height, can improve your form says Bill Hartman, P.T ., C.S.C.S. It trains you  to Push your  hips back first and then bend your knees which reduces stress on your legs. Use this guide.

1) Stand with a knee-height box or bench 2 to 4 inches behind you.
2 ) Assume a wide  stance. Using an overhand grip,  hold a bar across Our upper  back, and pull your shoulders back.
3 ) Keep your lower back arched, push your hips back, and slowly lower your body until your butt reaches the box.
4 ) Without relaxing your core muscles or glutes, sit for a moment, and then stand back up.