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WorklifeOur largest ever work place survey reveals that what you, the Men's Health reader, want most of all is to find that elusive happy medium between your career and your free time. here's how it's done.


In The last few months we've become quite the office snoop. We've earwigged on chats at the water-cooler, canvassed opinions on the quiet and read emails over your shoulder. Our survey of more than 1,000 men turned the angle poise lamp on every aspect of your working life and illuminated some key areas.

There's good news: the majority of you are happy with your jobs. Despite the endless portents of economic doom, the professional mood is overwhelmingly positive. An encouraging 70% of you are working in the industry you want to be in and over two-thirds feel secure in your current position.

It's statistically at odds With the gloomy picture painted by the Press. "Employment is falling and unemployment is already higher than during the 2008-9 recession," says the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The UK's jobless total may be riding high, but when the going gets tough, the Men's Health man-quite clearly-gets going. Despite the fact that half of you received no pay rise last year, it seems you're pretty content with your nine-to-five.

There is a problem, though. What worries you is that your work doesn't actually fit in the hours between 9am and 5pm. It's eating into the time put aside for the rest of your life. Pressure to perform means that 59% of you admit to often taking work home, 60% check your phone the second it sounds and 83% even check their emails at least once a day when supposedly 'on holiday'.


SEX Pistol - Potent Boosters to claw back the deficit and lift your libido
PistolBritish sperm counts are falling by around 3% every year*. Use these potent boosters to claw back the deficit and lift your libido.


Mentally you might be stuck in first gear, but you can rev fertility up by quaffing the juice of half a lemon in a mug of hot water. "This will accelerate your liver's removal of oestrogen, a major male fertility saboteur," says complementary therapist and author Emma Cannon. "It's most potent drunk on an empty stomach."
Fertility boost 7/10


How do you like your eggs in the morning? Forgo your weekend fry-up and go soft boiled instead. "Eggs contain a full spectrum of amino acids, helping to stimulate sperm production," says nutritional therapist Maria Griffiths2. "Avoid frying though, as it's harder for you to absorb the nutrients."
Fertility boost 8/10

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A bag of beef jerky will power your mind through the afternoon slump more effectively than a sugary drink. Although glucose is your body's primary energy source, new research shows that your brain prefers protein. Scientists were able to establish that orexin cells, which release stimulants into your grey cells to keep it alert, work most effectively with protein-based fuel. What's more, increased activity in these cells is linked to fat burning. So when your work rivals are cracking open a Coke, grab an egg sandwich to outsmart them, as well as winning the battle of the bulge.
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Massages are more than just indulgences. They’re proven health and mood treatments.

massageNeck pain - Ten neck massages over 10 weeks. Sound good? People with chronic neck pain reported a 55 percent improvement after this regimen, according to a 2009 study in the Clinical Journal of Pain. They even scored 39 percent better on the worst-sounding test ever, the Neck disability Index. (It assesses the pain's impact).

Athletic performance - "Musculotendinous' massages target muscle-tendon junctions. and a 2010 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that even a 30-second round Improved hip-flexor range of motion. Try it, Find where muscle meets tendon just behind and above your knee, and rub the spot in small circles with your thumb.

Stress - You don't need a full-body rubdown to feel good. In a 2010 study from Sweden, one 80-minute hand-and-foot massage significantly lowered people's heart rates, cortisol levels, and insulin levels-all of which help lower stress.
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How does my body build muscle?

Let's say you want your construction crew to erect bigger biceps. They'll rely mostly on two key building materials: myofibrils (ropelike strands made up 01 thinner protein filaments) and sarcoplasm (a gel-like fuel that surrounds the myofibrils). Now, if you lift low reps 01 heavy weights, the crew will mainly thicken your myofibrils,increasing size and strength. If, on the other hand, you tilt high reps of medium weights,those hard hats will primarily boost the volume of your sarcoplasm, building size and endurance. "Both kinds 01 growth require stressing your muscles beyond what they're used to, and the way you train dictates which kind 01 growth you emphasize," says Alexander Koch. Ph.D .,C.S.C.S .an associate professor of exercise science at Truman State University. That's why he recommends cycling through weights that are moderately heavy (8 to 12 reps). heavy {4 to 6 reps}. and maximally heavy (1 to 3 reps). over a period of several weeks.
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Isn’t it great when an existing habit improves your life in a new way? Because it turns out that the perennial advertising slogan have a break, have a KitKat is rather clever tactic. A combined hit of Caffeine and glucose makes for a powerful attention span booster and memory enhancer. Seventy five milligrams of each should do the trick; so one cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit will give you the energy to write your report and a better command of the information that should go into it. But use this boost in moderation: you’re likely to suffer an energy crash if you indulge more than once a day. And, with that deadline looming. It won’t look great if you fall asleep at your desk with chocolate all over your face…

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