How does my body build muscle?

Let's say you want your construction crew to erect bigger biceps. They'll rely mostly on two key building materials: myofibrils (ropelike strands made up 01 thinner protein filaments) and sarcoplasm (a gel-like fuel that surrounds the myofibrils). Now, if you lift low reps 01 heavy weights, the crew will mainly thicken your myofibrils,increasing size and strength. If, on the other hand, you tilt high reps of medium weights,those hard hats will primarily boost the volume of your sarcoplasm, building size and endurance. "Both kinds 01 growth require stressing your muscles beyond what they're used to, and the way you train dictates which kind 01 growth you emphasize," says Alexander Koch. Ph.D .,C.S.C.S .an associate professor of exercise science at Truman State University. That's why he recommends cycling through weights that are moderately heavy (8 to 12 reps). heavy {4 to 6 reps}. and maximally heavy (1 to 3 reps). over a period of several weeks.

What's the best way to banish bad breath?

To slay this dragon. you have to attack it at night. "While you're asleep. you produce less germ-killing saliva, allowing the bacteria that cause halitosis to flourish." says Kenneth Young. 0,0.5 .. a Manhattan based dentist and Men's Health's dentistry advisor. You already brush (and should be flossing) before you go to bed, but you should also scrub your tongue: It's a haven for a large proportion of the bacteria in your mouth. Pick up a tongue scraper the low-profile kind. so you can reach the back of
your mouth-and while you're at the drugstore. grab a bottle of mouth rinse containing cetylpyridinium chloride. Research from the University of Southern California shows that this antibacterial agent is the most effective bug killer you can buy over the counter. Our pick? Crest Pro-Health Complete, because it doesn't contain any drying alcohol. As for your daytime strategy, it's simple, Try to brush and rinse after lunch. And to keep your saliva levels high and your bacteria levels low. Opt for sugarless varieties of gum or candy.