Healthy Choice®meals can supportyour efforts to help clients manage diabetes and cardiovascular-related dietary issues and reach their weight management goals.


Healthy Choice meals as part of an overall eating plan…

• Offer convenience and portion control—a proven strategy in weight loss plans that can be difficult to achieve when cooking at home.1 Combined with a green salad and 1 cup low-fat dairy, Healthy Choice meals provide nearly 50% fewer calories than a typical meal.
• Are the only major brand of frozen meals that can claim all products as “healthy” based on U.S. government standards for amounts of saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, which are important for heart health.
• Provide an average of five grams of fiber per serving and whole-grain nutrition consistent with healthy eating and include options with 50 grams or less of total carbohydrates.
• Feature informative product labels including Diet Exchange information.
• Offer a variety of nutritious, great-tasting flavors to help keep your clients on track when they don’t have the time or skill to prepare a meal from scratch.