If it’s Cream- filled and sold in a convenience store, skip it. The phosphorus compounds used as additives in junk food like Twinkies may raise your risk o f cardiac and kidney diseases, according to a study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Scan ingredient lists: The additives go by monikers such as “disodium phosphate,” “monocalcium phosphate,” and “sodium aluminium phosphate.” "monocalcium phosphate," and "sodium aluminum phosphate."


A simple shake may help your heart. In a Washington State University study. men who drank a daily shake with whey protein for 6 weeks dropped their blood pressure by about 8 points. Whey may improve the function of blood vessel linings so they regulate blood pressure better. says Susan Fluegel, Ph.D., the lead study author. Take a cue from the study and add 28 grams (one scoop) to your next postworkout shake.




Fish-oil supplements may help prevent pancreatic cancer, according to an International Journal of Cancer study. Participants who took at least 850 milligrams of omega-3fatty acids a day reduced their risk of developing the cancer by 53 percent. Omega-3s may help halt the growth of cancer cells, scientists say.


Cold weather means cravings for mass quantities of meat. Use this guide to make the smartest protein picks.
Meats are rated by protein-to-calorie ratio and density of nutrients (vitamins B6 and B12 and Zinc.e.g.). Poultry is skinless and beef is select grade.


This small, affordable Atlantic Ocean Fish has a pleasant fishy flavor when smoked, and a briny taste when pickled.

Why it’s healthysnacks2
Herring packs more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon does, and just one fillet contains 30 grams of protein, plus, it’s a good source of essential B vitamins.

How to eat it
Pickled herring is great atop a salad of fresh greens and chopped apple, or try smoked herring on a slice of dark rye bread slathered with sour cream.