mh-coreForget the bogus detox plans. Renew and re-energise your body. by fuelling your liver with the food it needs to do its job

Your liver needs a rest. In December, jovial Brits drink 41% more alcohol than the average monthly knock-back and crank food intake 10 epic levels - the bender culminates in a 6,000 calorie blow out on Christmas day' , Throughout the festive season, your liver has your back expelling toxins and providing the energy to see you through to January.

But despite what the detox industry would have you believe, a short three-day break from alcohol is all the time your overworked filtration tank needs to complete its recovery. "The liver is actually Incredibly adept at repairing and regenerating itself," says Professor Humphrey Hodgson, trustee of the British Liver Trust. If you give it a chance that is.

Our 72-hour nutrition plan that will see you back on pub-form by Friday. Learn to detox the MH way to ensure your body's two-stage filtration process returns your liver to Its pre-splurge performance levels. You' II improve digestion and top up your energy stores so you can start the new year in good health and without the festive come-down.


Phase 1: Collection
Toxic chemicals are picked up by the body's rubbish trucks cytochrome P-450 enzymes if you want to get scientific

Phase 2: Processing
Toxins are sorted like waste at a recycling plant. Each must be joined to specific nutrients before they can be safely removed from the body.

Feed the cycle
"It is important that the liver has all the key nutrients it needs for each phase of the detox process to work properly,“ says Dr Julian Kenyon, of the Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine. For starters. you should be cutting back on anything that contributes to slowing the machine down, such as fatty and sugary foods, salt and caffeine. Research In the Advanced Pharmacology journal shows that a high-carb diet is another dietary spanner that grinds the detox process almost to a halt, To get the filters flowing again, follow this liver-specific eating plan, devised exclusively for MH by nutritionist Emma Wells, In just three days, you'll start to feel more refreshed, energized and rather less like an industrially stuffed sausage.

DETOX DAY 1phase-2

Porridge with blueberries, raspberries and black cherries
For your liver Antioxidants in the fruit protect you against scarring of the liver  by tighting the free radicals produced in Phase 1 of the toxic dump,

For you The red and blue fruit  Is also rich in antiviral compounds that protect you against new year colds, according to research publlshed in PIanta  Medica, Not to be sniffed at.

Spinach and mushroom omelette with beetroot and carrot
For your liver Vitamins C, 65 and 62 combine in the omelette to kick out toxins caused by traffic fumes. It's a quick win on that miserable first day back at the office.

For you Beetroot is rich in betaine which supports the detox pathway that breaks down excess hormones such as oestrogen this can cause man boobs when levels are too high.

Red pepper hummus and carrot sticks
For your liver Chickpeas in the hummus pack in the fibre you started wi th this morning, enhancing the activity of both detox phases.

For you The fibre makes your weight-loss plans less of an empty promise, Research from the National Public Health Institute In Helsinki found high• fibre diets Increased weight loss,

Chicken curry
For your liver The turmeric boosts bile flow by up to 100%, according to a study at the Eberhard Karls University in Germany. This speeds up the ejection of alcohol and nicotine toxins in phase 2.

For you An increase in bile improves digestion and will make you less bloated or nauseous. Which should come In handy when you realise there's another four weeks until payday.


Bowl Of muesli with live yoghurt
For your Iiver Live bacteria in the yoghurt reduces the effects of toxins in your liver. according to research in the Proceedings of the Society far Experimental Biology journal.

For you The oat fibre lowers cholesterol by 20%-just what you need after turnlng your body Into a collection truck for goose fat and mince pies. Bringing your risk of heart disease the ride side of 999.

Broccoli soup
For your Iiver Broccoli helps to shift damaging toxins and reduce your risk of liver damage by ensuring your body's main filter isn't clogged up with Phase 2 toxins.

For you Research from the University of California shows that broccoli contains high levels of an antioxidant that helps to reduce your risk of respiratory infections, Winter, that's 1-0.

Griddled artichokes on oat cakes
For your liver Pick up ready-grilled artichokes at the supermarket: they contain declogging phytochemicals which have an antioxidant effect, according to research in the Experiment and Toxicologic PathologyJournaI.

For you The oat cakes give you a mid-afternoon energy boost. So there's no danger of stalling on the 2011 start line.

Roast chicken and cauliflower
For your liver Cauliflower increases production of glutathione, which is responsible for the busiest pathway in your liver. It breaks down alcohol, nicotine and the toxic residue left by paracetemol and antibiotics,

For you Research in the Journal of Neurology, Neuro surgery and Psychiatry shows niacin-rich foods such as chicken protect against age-related cognitive decline.


Poached eggs on toast
For your Iiver Eggs boost your body's resurgent levels of phosphatidylcholine. Research published in Nutrition Reviews shows this helps to remove fatty deposits from your liver, expunging the crimes of 2010.

For you A poached breakfast keeps the brain ticking as you tackle that  to-do list. Eggs are a good source of vitamln D, which is essential for-mental agility'. according to University of Manchester research.

French onion soup
For your Iiver Onions contain sulphur. which is one of the main chemical players your liver drafts in to detoxify alcohol. Paracetamol and excess hormones.

For you You may only be three days Into January, but the excess pounds you stuffed in over Christmas are already disappearing. Research at Pennsylvania State University found soup reduces calorie intake by as much as 20% because it helps you feel fuller for longer.

Peppers and avocado dip
For your Iiver Avocado  is rich in Vitamin E. which Improves liver function . according to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It's also particularly effective In helping gel rid of excess fructose from fizzy drinks or fruit juice.

For you Avocados are also packed with folate, which improves circulation. That'll come in handy when the Sunday league restarts in-20˚C conditions.

Griddled pork In harissa sauce, with brown rice and steamed veg
For your Iiver Pork  is rich in glycine, which your liver uses to expel preservatives and E numbers from all that beer and chocolate.

For you Chillis in the harissa sauce raise your metabolism and lower your blood pressure. According to research in Cell Metabolism. This helps reduces stress and your risk of heart disease. 2011 might not be so bad after all.