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Training your abs isn’t as complicated as It seems. "The six-pack,  or rectus abdominis,  is actually one muscle, so all ab exercises cause activation,” says Stuart McGill. Ph.D., author of Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance. But certain exercises can trigger other regions of your core, such as your obliques, for a complete ab workout. Use these tips from McGill to simplify your approach and see faster results.


Try “stir the pot”, one of McGill’s favorite moves. Assume a pushup position, but place your elbows and forearms on a Swiss ball. Move your elbows in a circle, making sure that your core doesn’t rotate.

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Stanford University researchers analyzed a single stride sequence to determine which muscles activate and when. We asked a trainer how to strengthen your weak spots to run your best.

1) Most runners don’t extend their hips properly because their legs don’t stretch back enough, says Jay Dicharry, C.S.C.S., director of the Speed Clinic at the University of Virginia. They compensate by landing in front of their body, adding to the impact.

Stretch your hip flexors – After a run, kneel on one knee, keeping your back straight. Tilt your pelvis backward and hold for 60 seconds. Repeat three  times each side.


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Guns don’t get great just by lifting. These will help you along the way

lean-tissueBest for Lean tissue

Research carried out by the American College of Sports Medicine found that after taking CLA for 7 weeks, subjects lost up to 1.4kg of body fat and increased the weight they could bench press by 9kg. A recent study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism also found that you’ll increase your lean muscle mass more quickly when adding CLA to the traditional whey and creatine combo, than if you took those compounds on their own.

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cdYou don’t have to hit the gym to build great biceps. Keep your arms under pressure with this routine that you can do just about anywhere


Perform 4 sets of each exercise in this workout from certified Military Physical Training specialist, Mark Lauren. Try it on one or two days when you’re not doing the Big Arms Workout, for active recovery.

MUSCLES Triceps, abs

A Use the end of the seat of a sturdy chair to build bigger arms at home. With your back to it, hold onto the seat. Straighten your legs, then prop them up on another chair or raised platform at same height as you are holding onto.
B Bend your elbows to lower your body while keeping your back straight. Push yourself back to the start position. “Keeping your body in a straight line tenses your abs in the same way the plank exercise does,” says Lauren. It’s a two-for-one arms and abs move.

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hcAn INCH on your arms in 40 minutes

These 4 key exercises will boost the size of your guns in just one super-fast session, ready for your big night out

You’ve already done the hard yards by slaving away in the gym so if you’re after a little boost before a big night out, you’re more than entitled to it. That’s why we asked Brad Morris, a sports scientist and former UFC heavyweight, to create a quick-fire arm workout that will buff up the size of your arms and give you an ego boost before any occasion. “To get the biggest possible muscle pump you should follow two rules: Use high reps and rest little,” says Morris. “This works the muscles intensely and forces them to engorge with blood so they appear fuller.” As well as forcing blood into the muscles, research in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that when your muscles contract they can create a vacuum that pulls the blood into the muscle, so the more reps you do the stronger the vacuum and the bigger the size increase. Perform both supersets one after the other then rest for 1-2 minutes and go again. This is the protocol that professional bodybuilders follow before they step under the spotlights,  where there’s absolutely no place for imperfections to hide. And if it can do that for them, imagine the impact will have on you.

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