cdYou don’t have to hit the gym to build great biceps. Keep your arms under pressure with this routine that you can do just about anywhere


Perform 4 sets of each exercise in this workout from certified Military Physical Training specialist, Mark Lauren. Try it on one or two days when you’re not doing the Big Arms Workout, for active recovery.

MUSCLES Triceps, abs

A Use the end of the seat of a sturdy chair to build bigger arms at home. With your back to it, hold onto the seat. Straighten your legs, then prop them up on another chair or raised platform at same height as you are holding onto.
B Bend your elbows to lower your body while keeping your back straight. Push yourself back to the start position. “Keeping your body in a straight line tenses your abs in the same way the plank exercise does,” says Lauren. It’s a two-for-one arms and abs move.

MUSCLES Forearms, biceps

A Grab a piece of compact luggage with a comfortable handle and fill it with some heavy items: books, water bottles, tins from the kitchen – whatever comes to hand. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the handle in one hand, elbow straight, with your other hand resting to your side. “This position forces your abs to tense, to stop you from leaning to the side where the luggage is,” says lauren.
B Bend your elbow to curl the suitcase towards your shoulder. Stop when your hand is almost touching your shoulder. This exercise is an ideal holiday arm inflator before you hit the beach.

MUSCLES Triceps, shoulders, chest, abs

A Get into a press-up position, with your thumbs and forefingers touching to form a diamond shape. Walk your legs forward until they’re straight but not spulocked and your backside is in the air. “If you’ve already got strong arms, then place your feet on a step,” says Lauren. The increased angle ups the effort-and builds muscle quicker.
B Bend your elbows to lower your head towards your hands. Just before your head touches your hands, straighten your elbows to push to the start. “To make this move easier, place your hands on a box or elevated surface,” says Lauren. Your deltoid and triceps will bear the brunt of this exercise but your chest and abs are incorporated too making it a great T-shirt-filling move.


A Grab your sturdiest bath towel-you’re about to test its thread count. Loop it under your right foot and hold both ends with either hand. Your arms should be straight. “Lean against a wall if you need to, so you don’t lose your balance,” says Lauren.
B Bend your elbows to curl the ends of the towel towards your shoulders. Raise your foot off the ground to let your elbows move, but at the same time push down to add some resistance. Hold the ends at the top of the movement for 5-6 seconds, making sure you keep the tension on your biceps. Studies in the Journal of Physiology Education found this was as good as dynamic training (the up and down, full range of motion method) for building muscle and strength. You’re done-now take that towel and head for the shower.